Roxborough Hike

We’re getting way behind on some posts, so I’ll try to get them up soon before we get overrun with pictures.  About two weeks ago, we took a Sunday afternoon hike at Roxborough State Park.

Whenever I suggest a family hike, both girls always shoot the idea down.  I have to work even harder to rally the troops, but eventually (often with a bribe thrown in) we’re out on some trail.

The funny thing is that both girls always have such a fun time exploring, but their long term memory making ability seems to be turned off during the outing.  This hike was no different.

Lots of colors to be seen – on the Anderson ladies!

Hot & Hazy!

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?  This was the closest we came to seeing a brown bear.

The world’s largest dandelion to blow!

Zoe fell in “love” with this flower!

She’s pretty easy to love too!

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