Black Forest Restaurant

To celebrate Woody’s race at Golden Gate State Park, we thought it would be fun to eat out in the nearby town of Nederland, instead of grilling at our soggy, snow covered campsite.  Yes, we had a thunder-snow storm that afternoon!

As we drove into town we found a great little pizza spot but realized it was more of a bar than an eatery…so we moved on to look for other options.  Have I mentioned this is a small mountain town?  To our surprise, across the street was a large “German American food – family dining” (as their sign read) restaurant.  We had to try it out, my ancestors were German after all.

It’s called the Black Forest Restaurant, and let me tell you it is a gem, a one of a kind dining experience!  The price-point of the menu was probably more suited for the Prom then a quick dinner out smelling like campfire, but we didn’t realize that until we were seated and by then it was too late.  So, we just went with it, and I’m glad we did.

The place totally reminded me of my dad, with animals hanging on the walls and framed paintings of water foul, he would have felt right at home.  He also would have liked the wheat sandwich bread that they tried to pass off as dinner rolls and the menu special of elk goulash.

I settled on roasted chicken and mashed potatoes, since it was the tamest thing on the menu.  When I was served, our waiter (a sweet and funny elderly gentleman) proceeded to tear/cut it up for me.  I don’t think anyone has cut my food since I was a toddler.  It was hilarious.  To my surprise, the chicken was the best I’ve ever had!  Delicious!

I’m not sure if Woody and I were just extra giddy that night, but we laughed so much during dinner that I cried.  Ya know the deep down belly laughing that you can hardly control?  It was great.  Everything about that place just struck us as funny, from the decor to the menu to our servers.

As our evening drew to a close, our waiter encouraged the girls to finish their meals so they could have some chocolate.  He seemed more like their grandpa than a stranger the way he interacted with them.   Thinking he would give them a little piece of chocolate, he came out with two full sized Hershey’s bars.  The girls were very excited to say the least.


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