Celebrating 70 Years!


It’s Party time, and we’re celebrating the wonderful life of my mom.  First off, she walked into a sea of 70 balloons.  At closer look, she realized that each one had a note attached with words of appreciation and love for her from my brother’s family.  Nice touch,

IMG_0521Can you believe the streamer decorating job that Woody pulled off?!  After all these years, I’m still learning new things about him!  I love the detail and the word “ALOHA”.  Perfect.


Next up…Minute to Win It games.  This was so much fun!  Everyone really got into it and had a lot of laughs.


Woody bravely held the target while we all shot rubber bands until our cup fell…

IMG_0506Some serious cup stacking…


IMG_0501 IMG_0498 IMG_0494Finally, we feasted on a hawaiian theme inspired meal and bund-tinis for dessert.  It was a delight to celebrate such a wonderful woman.  We are so thankful that she is in our lives and loves us so much.  Happy Birthday, Mom.  We love you!



3 thoughts on “Celebrating 70 Years!

  1. Glad you had such a fabulous birthday celebration. Times likes these are so much more than special… they are forever! Congratulations and keep yourself filled with love.

  2. I am the lucky one to have this family – it was the best party ever. thanks to the efforts of tanya, woody, megan, zoe, steve, jennifer, katie and andrew – hope papa had a good seat to watch the events.

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