15yrAnnyWho knew all those years ago that going on a semester at Gordon would be so impactful.  Much has happened in fifteen years and I’m truly joyful to have experienced them all with this dude.  He’s pretty remarkable.

Celebrating 70 Years!


It’s Party time, and we’re celebrating the wonderful life of my mom.  First off, she walked into a sea of 70 balloons.  At closer look, she realized that each one had a note attached with words of appreciation and love for her from my brother’s family.  Nice touch,

IMG_0521Can you believe the streamer decorating job that Woody pulled off?!  After all these years, I’m still learning new things about him!  I love the detail and the word “ALOHA”.  Perfect.


Next up…Minute to Win It games.  This was so much fun!  Everyone really got into it and had a lot of laughs.


Woody bravely held the target while we all shot rubber bands until our cup fell…

IMG_0506Some serious cup stacking…


IMG_0501 IMG_0498 IMG_0494Finally, we feasted on a hawaiian theme inspired meal and bund-tinis for dessert.  It was a delight to celebrate such a wonderful woman.  We are so thankful that she is in our lives and loves us so much.  Happy Birthday, Mom.  We love you!



Winter Park Winter Wonderland


Ah, the Rockies in the winter.  They are just glorious.  Every time I get up there I’m reminded of the incredible beauty that is always beckoning me to come and play.  So when we were generously given the opportunity to stay up there for the weekend, I didn’t hesitate even though Woody wouldn’t be able to join us until the second day.

Girls weekend here we come.
IMG_0117IMG_0125We had a great day of skiing and I managed not to get the girls and I lost with only a black diamond to get down.


We played for hours in the snow, swam at the rec center and watched too many episodes of “Little House on the Prairie”.

IMG_0129 IMG_0131 IMG_0132 IMG_0141 IMG_0142 IMG_0147

College Buddies

Some of my dear friends came to visit over MLK weekend.  I’ve known these girls since I was 18 and we’ve made it a tradition to get together yearly.  It was so refreshing spending the weekend with them… laughing, sharing, watching movies and hiking.


Megan, you are a precious gift and we are delighted to be your parents!  What a fun decade you have lived.  You fill our lives with joy and love and we look forward to experiencing all that the next decade holds for you!

Megan enjoyed two parties to commemorate this big milestone.  A family party and her first slumber party with some of her sweet friends.

Westmont Girls

We were delighted to have the McLean’s stay with us for a weekend just before New Years.  We loved having them and are so thankful for their friendship.  Saturday morning the Cosarts and the Rhodes joined us for breakfast.  So great to be with old friends and for the kids to get to play together too.

The Floutist

My vintage 1986 flute has been given life again in a grade school band.  I’m sure she is delighted to have breath flowing through her like the old days, straining out squeaks and notes for all to hear.

Megan has really gotten the hang of it quickly and she loves demonstrating her musical prowess to anyone who will listen.

This totally captures the personalities of my two girls.  One doing what is expected, kind and gentle, the other one similar but with a little crazy mixed in.

Toothy Smile

For my birthday present this year, Zoe pulled out her tooth.  She slipped away for about an hour in the afternoon and re-emerged proudly displaying her bloody tooth cupped in the palm of her hand.  Delightful.  Can’t say I’ve ever gotten a gift quite like that before.