Toothy Smile

For my birthday present this year, Zoe pulled out her tooth.  She slipped away for about an hour in the afternoon and re-emerged proudly displaying her bloody tooth cupped in the palm of her hand.  Delightful.  Can’t say I’ve ever gotten a gift quite like that before.


It’s been a few years since we’ve ventured into the mountains to cut down our own tree.  We’ve been using our fake tree whose perfectly placed branches and tapered shape offer something beautiful to look at, but doesn’t permeate that delicious scent of pine into my living room like a live tree would.  So in the name of adventure, we left the fake tree in storage and headed for the mountains.

Once we arrived at the allowed cutting location in the forrest, we hiked.  And hiked.  Climbed some boulders, and hiked some more.

Then at the top of a steep hill, she stood.  Prickle.

(Don’t worry, Woody did not attempt to saw his child in half, like this picture suggests)

After a family game of pinecone baseball, Woody got to work and showed us his sawing skills.

Then we took turns smelling the fresh cut tree.  Ahhh, pine deliciousness!

You never realize how far you hiked out until you have to carry the tree back to the car.

After some branch reorganizing and grafting, Prickle looked a little more full and was ready to be decorated.


After many months of planning and anticipation, we finally got to enjoy our Disney family adventure.

Day one: Hollywood Studios.

Day two: Disneyworld

Splash Mountain stopped at the top of a waterfall drop.  We waited and waited…

and then we finally dropped and got soaked.  Big smiles all around.

Day Three: Animal Kingdom

Day Four: Epcot

This ended up being one of my favorite days.  The food and wine festival was going on, so we decided to eat dinner there.  The tapas each “country” offered were amazing and I couldn’t have been happier with the live concert.  Air Supply. Wow, delicious food, a beautiful sunset and a great 80’s band.  What more could a girl want.

Day 5: Hollywood Studios – Round 2

Waiting in line for the front seat of our favorite Rockin’ Roller Coaster.

Back at the hotel for an afternoon swim and roasting smores.

One night we took the ferry to Downtown Disney, where Megan found the Minni she would make her own.  And they lived happily ever after.


Bear Chase Half Marathon Trail Race

I suppose Woody is rubbing off on me.  I tried something new this Fall.  My first trail race, and I loved it.

Crossing a river and trying to swallow Gu was also a first for me.  While the icy rivier was a thrill, I have to say eating Gu was nasty.  Not all the raspberry flavoring in the world could make it attractive to my taste buds.

Ahhh, finished.  Ready to hang out with my supportive family and eat hot pancakes.

Soccer Season

It’s Fall, and soccer is in full swing.  So far the Pink Horses are having a great season with Woody coaching them along.  Since this is a family sport, Zoe and I have taken on the role of cheerleaders.   Zoe has ramped up her game and made signs for each of the girls on the team.  I might need to get some pom poms for next Saturday!

Megan is really enjoying soccer this year and getting more aggressive each season.  I never get tired of cheering her on!

Cousin Katie is a fabulous player!  She doesn’t give up and usually get’s several goals in a game because of her hard work.


Zoe loves to make people laugh…and she’s pretty good at it.  One of the many wonderful things that she learned at camp this summer was how to cross her eyes.  Lovely.  She likes to do it a lot.  Warning her that they might stay that way hasn’t worked.

This one proves she can take a cute picture too…

Fall Leaf Hike


This time of year, we delight in taking hikes to see the leaves.  So we ventured out toward Berthoud Pass and started up a trail.  A very, very steep trail.

Thankfully, Zoe provided us with some comic relief to distract us from the steepness of the trail Woody picked out for us.  After much effort, we made it to the top and were greeted with spectacular views of the Continental Divide.

Then we had the task of walking all the way back down.

We had a wonderful time but unfortunately didn’t end up seeing very many aspen trees.  This area was hugely populated with pines.

I did get the shot below, taken from our moving car as we cruised down I-70 in neutral because we were almost out of gas.  Don’t worry, we made it to a station just in the nick of time.



Is Your Mama A Lama?

I got the pleasure of chaperoning Megan’s class to the Highlands Ranch Mansion this month.  Not only did I learn all about the history of HR, see the beautifully renovated mansion, watch Hawk Quest, and go on a hayride…I got to hang out in a petting zoo with some pretty cool animals.  A highlight was seeing a small kangaroo, my first in real life!